Inspirations and Other Half Considered Ideas

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Backdate post of Inktober gallery

Connection to the world through drawing it (or writing detailed descriptions or…)

Art as the activity rather than artist as the identity, Art-making, not Artist

The beauty of the lamps hanging in the coffee shop across the street as viewed from my kitchen window

The concept of creative inspiration as a stranger we meet on the road, with whom we choose to engage or not

“Artist” as a way of seeing and being as much as actively creating

Mailboxes for the port0lets

Copper “eggs”

The idea that the desire for validation, for me, as a poor substitute for what I really want: collaborative, creative communication.




Art Everyday!

It is said that it takes 30 days to make a habit.

Four years ago today, with members of my creative community, I started a little project: Art Everyday Creative Challenge. The project and facebook group originated as a sister project to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), in which we join our literary brothers and sisters by dedicating ourselves to making art daily for the month of November in lieu of writing a novel.

Since then, we have had deaths, births, and lots and lots of creating. Members have participated in Inktober twice, been challenged to take black and white photos, started other groups (some of which meet in person). We keep on sharing, and making, and encouraging each other along the way.

Some of us show and sell; some of us create for fun or joy or expression or therapy, but we all keep making, or wanting to make. And here I am again, relaunching for the month.

Unlike most other challenges, this one is open, it is broad. You can sketch, paint, write, play music, anything artistic.

If you want me to share your stuff on this blog, let me know. If you want to join us over on facebook, send a request:

To spur those who aren’t sure what to do, today I offer this random prompt generator:

If you have suggestions to share with each other, we can offer each other individual challenges and prompts as well.


Why We Burn

Burn culture (all of that messy, glorious, big-C Community of people who attend, organize, create art and otherwise pour their energy into Burning Man and Regional Burns [official or otherwise]), has been defined by many people before, more eloquently than I could hope to. I am not interested in the singular, overarching definition. What interests me is the fabric of all of those stories woven together to make that which is greater than the single piece of cloth. This is my thread.

What draws me to this culture, why I give my time, thought, and creative output, is the very thing that will define Izzi Burns (the person, the idea, the website): creativity, collaboration, and community, each influencing the other, interlocked, inseparable.

Events and communities built around Burn culture provide environments where we are more together than our mere sum. Our art is more and there is more of it because we do it together, and because we are surrounded by a community of people doing the same.

For some, the community is what spurs the creativity; for some the creativity, collaboratively produced, is what creates community. For me, it is a beautiful loop, and it doesn’t matter where it begins.