A Theme for 2024: Exploration

The theme I dreamed, and woke to is exploration. So what, then, will I explore? What is worth exploring?

Geography: in 2023, I made it to 3 states aside from my own. I stayed overnight in 5. Not bad. I can do better. This year, I’d like to go back to Oregon, Florida (to visit my folks, no other reason), Colorado. I’d like to add Illinois (Chicago!) Tennessee (again, a familial visit), and ??? Will this be the year of Belize? Stay tuned to find out. I want to explore my own state as well, supposing I don’t escape it this year.

But really, the year isn’t about travel. It’s about exploration. So what, then, besides location will I explore?

Books: I plan to explore books, and book shops, and libraries. I’ve done a decent job with reading this year, though it has been a lot of re-reading and pondering essays – notably Deep Hope and Everyday Magic. But I have fit in some fiction as well. I am currently reading both Neverwhere and Continental Drift.

Creativity: I don’t think I have to dive too deep into plans for creativity – I just need to get off the couch, into the “studio” (whether that is the office or the garage, or the yard, or elsewhere), and PLAY.

Connection: Thankfully, I have family and a few friends who are decent about not letting connection drop. I am so lucky that others think of me, include me and ask me along.  I want to own that and I want to take some charge and return their kindness and thoughtfulness. I need to reach out, make plans, invite people to do with, and do.

Resistance:  I need to explore my tendency toward restlessness, anxiety, loneliness, and self-doubt, my terrible ability to let time pass without doing what I want, seeing who I want, and keeping the everyday in order. I am good at setting intention, but not good at paying attention. Time to learn more about that, and make some change.

I’ll spend the coming days, as I often do between “the” new year and “My” new year, digging deeper. I want to find some novel (to me) tools to keep me on track.