Advice to Self in Difficult Times

Reminders to self (apply as needed):
Having to reconnect every single time I open this beast (the laptop) is only an inconvenience.
It’s okay if my eyes leak. It’s okay if it’s less than 5 drops. It’s okay if they don’t.
Hyperventilation is a stress reaction. I have (as much as anyone with moderate asthma has) control over my breathing and can choose to slow it down.
Quiet actions count. So does my voice. I should use it more.
I am beyond fortunate (privileged!) that the last week has mostly given me moderate inconvenience and some real fear. Many folks can’t say that.
I am probably going to be okay. Until I’m not. And that is okay, too.
I miss all your faces. Nearly desperately at times. I need to remember this in a year.
To date, I am bent (not unusual) but not broken. I can keep my aim true to that ideal.